When buying or selling a Brake Lathe you have different choices for accessories and adapters for the mounting and surfacing of hubless rotors and drums.  This can be very challenging to know what type or brand to purchase.  In today's market the need for precision is at an all-time high.

     With Elite Enterprises unique design and engineering we offer the most simplest and precise adapter on the market today. 

     The LITE CHUCK and LITE DUAL CHUCK ADAPTERS have been extensively tested against the Quick Chuck, Double Chuck and other adapters on the market with better results.  The lightweight design helps absorb vibration and chattering on problem rotors and drums.  This will not only help with less wear and tear on the arbor and motor of the brake lathe, they are easier to handle and made here in the U.S.A.  Not forgetting to mention, no more rusting!

     The LITE CHUCK and LITE DUAL CHUCK ADAPTERS can surface any hubless rotor, composite rotor or hubless drum with absolute ease and precision, with a centering hole from 2 1/8" to 5 3/4", from compact cars to 1 ton trucks.


  1. Mount Chuck on top side of rotor or drum
  2. Slide appropriate size backing plate and Chuck assembly onto arbor
  3. Add spacers, arbor nut, then tighten